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706 Lindegar Street
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Primarily serving North and Central New Jersey,
and now Staten Island, NY.

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Welcome to Ask Father Carroll

Click Here to Watch Video | Celebrating Sacrements with a Married Priest

If you need a priest for a wedding, baptism, funeral, house blessing or any religious event, Father Carroll can help you. Father Carroll Mrowicki is a married Catholic Priest who has a wedding ministry for those who cannot obtain a priest for their services.

It may be that you wish a garden wedding or a seashore event or you may have some other reasons why your local priest will not serve your needs. Then you should ask Father Carroll.

To celebrate his 300th wedding occuring in 2019, Fr. Carroll is offering a one hundred dollar discount to all the couples signing up to marry in 2019.

Father Carroll is a graduate of Seton Hall University and Immaculate Conception Seminary in New Jersey. He has his Master's Degree in Behavioral Sciences from Kean University and he has 35 years of experience providing counseling and guidance to persons with disabilities.

Fr. Carroll is accredited by CITI Ministries, Inc. An organization led by lay Catholics enlisting qualified married Roman Catholic Priests to provide services to those who ask them and are in need. Since 1992 over half million couples have been married by CITI priests. These priests function according to current Church Law.

Please Note: Father Carroll is not accepting weddings in January and February.

What Catholics Should Know

A Question of Rights

An important article written by a prominent church lawyer that provides insights into why married priests may function under Canon or Church law. "Since the sacramental priesthood cannot be lost--a priest cannot be "unordained"--those sacraments which require only Holy Orders for their validity, i.e., Holy Eucharist and the Anointing of the Sick, can be validly performed even by resigned or "non-clerical" priests." [ read article ]