Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding Fr. Carroll's wedding services:

Does Father Carroll get good reviews? 99% of them have been five stars. (See the Knot and Wedding Since Spring of 2006, several hundred weddings happily completed.)

How long does a wedding take? The normal wedding takes 30 minutes. But it can be delayed by the bride or party not being ready to begin. Or by adding certain ceremonies and music. Some venues delay the start time by 15 minutes to allow all the guests to be seated.

What does Father Carroll charge? Current cost is $800. Father Carroll only takes one wedding a day and limits the number for each month and for the year. (Father Carroll does not accept weddings from December through March.) See Wedding Services page for all the details of what Fr. Carroll provides to each couple.

Does Father Carroll do an authentic Catholic wedding? Yes, Father Carroll uses the Roman Catholic Ritual. He provides "Together for Life" to each couple to choose their prayers, readings and blessings.

How can Father Carroll do these weddings? Because the Canon Law of the church allows a bride or groom to ask someone else to do their wedding if their local priest cannot or will not do it. The law does not want to deprive Catholics of the spiritual benefits of the Church. (Father Carroll notifies each couple that their marriages will not be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.)

Are these weddings legal? Yes, Father Carroll provides the citations of Canon Law in a booklet called "What Catholics Should Know". A video explains these citations of Canon Law on the first page of website. Your wedding can be redone in a Catholic Church privately or publically but nevertheless it is valid marriage in the eyes of the law.

Who normally comes to Father Carroll? Catholics who have often not been welcomed by their local priests. Couples who for one reason or another do not want to marry in their local church building. Usually the parties are Catholic but Father Carroll has often married one Catholic and one Protestant or members of some other faith. Or parties who are Christian but want the process that Father Carroll talks about. He is interested in getting to know each couple, to enlivening their faith and provides books that help them in this process. Couples who realize that their marriage is more than a short ceremony and a signed document. It's an opportunity to meet Christ and to be enlightened by His message.

How much time does Fr. Carroll put into each wedding? Fr. Carroll puts in from 18 to 24 hours per wedding. He arrives one hour prior to the ceremony. And has two meetings with the couple prior to the wedding.

How far will Father Carroll travel for a wedding? He restricts his travel to one hour each way (or about 60 miles). There are no other charges for traffic or other kinds of delays.

Does Father Carroll serve New York or Pennsylvania? Generally, no. There are priests that serve those states. CITI ministries has an online directory listing all the priests available for weddings and other services. Fr. Carroll does go to Staten Island, NY.