Other Services

All services suspended to due COVID-19 restrictions until further notice.

Suggested fees for other services not in the church are as follows:

  • Vow Renewals - $300
  • Baptisms - $300
  • Memorials - $300
  • House Blessings - $100

Add $1 per mile over 30 miles round trip for the priest. Blessings upon request. Notify the priest if you are unable to pay the suggested donation.

Vow Renewals: If you wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ask Father Carroll. He will work with you to develop an appropriate ceremony to be conducted at a place of your celebration. Fee includes travel up to 30 miles round trip. One dollar per mile over that distance.

Baptisms: Includes a two-hour meeting with the parents and godparents to discuss the sacrament and their responsibilities. An outline and script for the ceremony with the readings and chosen by the parents if they wish. Father Carroll will provide an official liturgical booklet with these readings, prayers and blessings that may be used in a Catholic Ceremony. Otherwise, Father Carroll will choose the appropriate readings and prayers. If a meeting cannot be arranged, Father Carroll will lend a DVD on the sacrament of Baptism for parents and godparents to watch together. Also includes a candle and a white baptismal garment remembrances of the baptism as well as a calligrapher-inscribed Baptismal Certificate either in Gold or Silver trim. Also includes holy oils and your choice of place and how the priest dresses (either in suit or vestments). Fee includes up to 30 miles round trip to location of Baptism.

Memorials: Service includes review of the readings, blessings and prayers from the booklet from Death to Life, official liturgical manual for funerals of the Catholic Church. Assistance with the selections that will form the service at the funeral home. A meeting to watch a video on Christian Burial and a discussion prior to the funeral if possible. Otherwise, Father Carroll will loan the video to be returned at the funeral service or within three days of it. Father Carroll encourages members of the family to read from these readings from Holy Scripture, God's own words.

Father Carroll will conduct a compassionate and beautiful service, at the funeral home (usually takes 20 minutes) and will go to the cemetery to conduct the committal service.