Making Your Wedding The Best It Can Be.

Couples who have come to Father Carroll to ask him to be their wedding officiant were pleasantly surprised to find a spiritual person who respects their wishes and tries to fulfill their desires and needs.

Your wedding should be one of the happiest days in your life. Try to make some time to enjoy each other and the beauty all around you, while you prepare for it.

In our busy lives, these things - nature, music and poetry - help to calm us and allow us to focus on the important things. Father Carroll does not have a lot of rules for you to follow and he appreciates your faith in seeking out a priest to witness and celebrate the most beautiful day in your life.

How to get started:

Your first move is to call or e-mail Fr. Carroll and provide him with the date, time and location of your wedding and your name, address, phone number and e-mail. Fr. Carroll will check his calendar to see if he is available on that day. From there we can make an appointment to meet and discuss your plans. If he is not available he can refer you to another priest.

When to call:

Call Father Carroll as soon as you have confirmed your date, place and time for the wedding ceremony. Fr. Carroll will take reservations a year or more ahead of your selected date. Father Carroll celebrates only one wedding per day so the sooner you contact him the better.

If you have already made your arrangements, he suggests that you call him at least three months before the date of the wedding so that you can meet with him on at least two occasions to prepare for a beautiful and memorable ceremony.

Appointments Are Easy to Make:

Father Carroll's priority is wedding ministry, so he will be easier to get an appointment with than priests who have all the other functions of parishes to administer. Father Carroll will give you all the attention that you need.

Who should call:

Future brides or grooms should call as soon as possible to allow time for adequate planning and preparation.

Father Carroll respects all people who want God to bless their union. And he will serve them. He will also participate in Interfaith Marriages.

What Catholics Should Know:

Asking a married priest to perform a sacramental or religious service when you cannot obtain the services of a celibate priest is permitted under Church Law. In fact, 21 Church Laws indicate that such a service is valid.

Father Carroll's ordination was at Sacred Heart Cathedral by the Archbishop of Newark, NJ. Father Carroll was accredited by CITI, a lay Catholic group, since December 31, 2005. This group was founded to enlist married Roman Catholic priests to provide spiritual services to Catholics and others who were not able to get those services from celibate clergy. A review of Canon Law of the Catholic Church found citations permitting such services to the faithful and those seeking services.

Many wedding officiants are not ordained priests, with the sacramental and apostolic powers given by Jesus Christ himself when He commissioned them to go and teach all nations.